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            Providing quality, sanitary bucket elevators and conveyors for the food industry is what we at Frazier & Son have been perfecting throughout four generations.

            Frazier & Son was officially founded by M.R. Frazier Sr. in 1930 in Alexandria, VA. Frazier & Son got its start developing and patenting a four pocket volumetric filler, called the WHIZ-PACKER. The WHIZ-PACKER was developed to measure and package nuts. In 1939, the family and business moved to Belleville, NJ and operated out of a few small shops in the area. In 1945, M.R. Frazier Sr. passed away and his son, M.R. ?Bob? Frazier Jr. took over operations. In 1952, Frazier & Son built a new 5,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and production moved to Clifton, NJ.

            Due to demand for higher production rates in the 1950 s, high speed 18 and 24 pocket volumetric fillers capable of 140 containers per minute were developed. After building a few of the larger fillers, Bob Frazier saw a need to elevate and convey product to the high speed volumetric fillers. The WHIZ-LIFTER bucket elevator was developed soon after, meeting the need of conveying product to the large fillers.

            In 1960, a 5,000 sq. ft. addition was completed to increase overall manufacturing facility size to 10,000 sq. ft. The success of the WHIZ-LIFTER continued to grow, and by 1976, Frazier & Son had leased an additional 11,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility dedicated to painting and assembly of elevators. In 1978, Bob Frazier s son, Mark Frazier, started working part time while attending school and in 1980, began working full-time for Frazier & Son. By 1986, Mark had assumed the role of General Manager and in 1990, Bob Frazier passed away and Mark took over operations.

            In 2001, Mark Frazier s oldest son, Greg Frazier, started working part time while attending school.

            In 2004, Frazier & Son strategically moved to Conroe, TX in a 52,000 sq. ft. facility to better suit the needs of East and West coast customers and to better serve our international customer base. Greg Frazier began working full time in 2005, specializing in Sales and Application Engineering. In 2005, Mark Frazier s youngest son, Kyle Frazier, starting working full time generating drawings in computer-aided software (CAD) and 3D Modeling, control development and wiring, and operating CNC Equipment.

            Frazier & Son custom designs and builds every WHIZ-LIFTER Bucket Elevator to each customer s unique application parameters and requirements. The WHIZ-LIFTER Bucket Elevators are the ultimate in sanitary construction.

            Providing quality bucket elevators and conveyors is what we at Frazier & Son have been perfecting throughout four generations.

            Standard Features


            All bucket elevators are designed and manufactured to meet all customer s requirements including sanitation and safety.
            Type 304 stainless steel frames with 2B Finish and smooth interior surfaces
            Type 304 stainless steel tubular legs and drive frames
            Framework and components are mounted on standoffs to reduce or eliminate film of water points
            Product contact points, other than buckets, are all stainless steel
            All welds in contact are ground smooth
            Stainless steel shafts
            Carbon steel sprockets
            Premium carbon steel conveyor chain
            Continuous TIG welds throughout
            Smooth body TEFC-AC motor
            Right Angle gear box provides reliable power transmission. Minimum surface factor is 1.5
            Stainless Steel take-up units with spring loading for simple, accurate chain tensioning
            Stainless steel non-adjustable cams and guides for maintenance free bucket tracking
            Sanitary UHMW Chain Guides captivate the chain to provide excellent stability and wear resistance
            Standard LEXAN? Buckets - durable, tough, and sanitary
            All stainless steel hardware, no split lock washers are used and aircraft lock nuts are used throughout
            All controls carry the CULUS label

            Optional Features


            A variety of Washdown/Corrosion Resistant configurations/designs are available to suit our customer s unique requirements
            Motor construction options include TENV, Washdown Duty and Explosion Proof.
            Motors are suited to meet customer power requirements such as 380V/50Hz or 575V/60Hz
            Optional Bucket materials include polypropylene, metal-impregnated polypropylene, XYLEX?, XENOY? and stainless steel.
            Dimpled buckets as well as textured sheet metal are available when product release issues exist
            Tamping discharges available to aid in product release for frozen foods or sticky products
            Indexing drives available for kit assemblies, food product assemblies, etc.
            Custom controls are available to suit non-standard applications
            Customized equipment to feed the elevators are available
            Downstream devices, such as cross-feeders, are available



            Gentle Handling   Fragile products can be handled without product degradation
            Sanitary design   careful attention to details allow us to meet or exceed the customer s sanitation requirements
            Safe   Exceeds basic OSHA safety requirements offering several different guarding options
            Interlocking bucket design   rounded bucket lip sheds product and prevents product spillage
            Over 10 different configurations to fit any application and/or layout needs
            Single and Multiple discharge designs available
            Capability to integrate with a variety of upstream and downstream equipment
            Versatile   Serves a variety of industries and products   foods, chemicals, plastics, and more!
            Right the First Time   Utilize computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to provide preliminary drawings with all quotations to ensure correct installations the first time.
            Customization of Infeed and Discharge available to meet customer specific requirements, reduce product free-fall drop, and system integration
            Energy Efficient   Most elevators run on fractional horse power motors
            Long Life Cycle   Life span is measured in decades rather than years!
            Ideal for Indexing Applications such as kit assemblies, food product assemblies, and more!